Our Advanced Corrective Treatments at Serenity Skin & Body are peels designed to combat tired & lifeless skin & bring back that glowing complexion you have been longing for.
These high performance peels will help fight against common skin concerns like rosacea, increase collagen production and they are great for reversing the unwanted signs of ageing!
We always recommend speaking with one of our highly trained therapists so we can find the right treatment for you..

Advanced Corrective Treatments

Carbon Facial (China doll facial)
Carbon facials are an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment also commonly known as the ” China Doll Facial”, or “Hollywood Facial”. By combining cutting edge aesthetic technology with a special carbon cream, Carbon Facials work to reduce skin imperfection such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne scarring and fine lines, while offering an instantaneous glow to your complexion. No pain. No downtime. No fuss. Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Carbon facials are the perfect skin corrective treatment for those who wish to achieve a smoother, clearer, more radiant skin tone without having to spend too much time in the treatment room. The facial takes just 40 minutes, is painless and best of all – there’s no post treatment downtime’s you are free to get on with your daily activities as normal following your session.
Face/neck/decollatege $249
Full face $199
JESSNERS PEEL 30 Minutes- $90
Ideal for congested and dry skin.
S20 NANO PEEL 60 min high performance peel
with neck and shoulder massage – $180
30 Minutes – $90
Great for inflamed and rosacea prone skin, this peel also rejuvenates and enhances collagen reproduction
G20 NANO PEEL 60 Minutes- $180 30 Minutes- $90
Great for ageing, tired, and lifeless skin, its a beauty flash treatment, your skin will thank you for it! A high performance peel that increases collagen, exfoliating and refreshing, no down time.
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