Hypnotherapy allows us to have a conversation with your unconscious mind, embedding suggestions that will allow you to think, act and feel differently to how you do now! Everything you have ever heard, everything that you have ever experienced, everything that has been ever said to you all gets stored in your unconscious mind. These develop into beliefs and patterns that have the power to rule your life. Hypnotherapy will allow you to release patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you in your life. We can help you to release negative emotions, weight, anxiety and depression, become a non-smoker, stop addictive behaviours, and start to lead your ultimate life!


Virtual Gastric Banding 2 HoursĀ  – A $200
Virtual Gastric Banding “The Virtual Gastric Band provides the benefits of weight loss surgery, but without the risk of an invasive operation, and without the expensive medical costs of a physical operation” The hypnotherapy process retrains the mind to become satisfied with much smaller food portion sizes, so there is no need for more food. It changes the way you think about food leading to the weight loss you desire This is a 4 session program $800.
Hypnotherapy Sessions 2 HoursĀ  – A $250
Hypnotherapy Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation where your conscious mind moves over, allowing your subconscious to come to the forefront, allowing positive suggestions to be embedded Hypnotherapy can help with: Fears Phobias Anxiety Confidence Addictions Public speaking Weightloss Sleep Menopause Pregnancy/Birth Our Hypnotherapist will design a programme of 3,6, or 12 sessions. Programs are designed to free you from what has been holding you back LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.
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