Serenity Skin & Body, our Signature Facials offer something for everyone, and every skin type.
Whether we are utilising natural plant actives and herbal extracts or using our glycolic peel treatments, all of our facials are designed to deliver the best results for your skin, as well as taking you on a sensory journey!
Our highly trained therapists are here to help find a facial treatment to suit you plus can work with you to develop a skincare routine that fight your concerns.



Allow me to introduce ‘our signature facial’ encompassing pure indulgence! Imagine starting a facial with a relaxing back massage soothing away aching muscles, before drifting off into a facial that plumps, enriches and nourishes your skin with active phytonutrients using Waterlily’s Signature Seasonal Facial.

During this indulgent mind and body escape, we soak your feet, lather on a nourishing Orange Crème hair treatment. Whilst you are off with the fairies, we massage all your gorgeous limbs, wringing out any stress that may be lingering around. This beautiful experience will take you on a sensorial journey feeling like you’ve spent the entire day at the spa with visible plumping results.

MEDI LIFT FACIAL 60 Minutes – $165
cleanse, 10% peel, polyabrasion, collagen activation, mask, protect.
Numues thermal detox peel, is inspired by the flash treatment trend. Today our lives are fuller than ever and time is out most valuable commodity. This treatment is multi functional, time saving and offered instant results.

A combination of foaming action and thermo sensory mechanisms that deeply cleanses,exfoliates and oxygenates to achieve optimal results.
Great for;

Impurities and excess oil
Refining pore size
Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
Softening and smoothie skin texture
Enhances radiances and increases hydration
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